KJ Zmooz Comforter (24cm) *New*


Comforter Zmooz is a great cuddle friend for children from 6 months and older. Zmooz is not only durable and made from organic materials, it is also ideally suited to all the needs and requirements of young children. Zmooz has a soft velour structure and is perfectly suitable for both cuddling and sucking. The body piece of Zmooz is flexible and yet firm. Children find comfort, recovery and security with Zmooz after an exciting day full of new stimuli. They can recharge and rest with their best and softest buddy. The gentle facial features of Zmooz draw recognition and stimulate the emotional bonding in the first life phase. Check out baby zmooz – the smaller version designed for newborns.


Product Description


•   Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton
•   Stuffing: Pure Wool
•   Made in EU

Care Instructions: Machine Wash 30°C (86°F)
(Tip: Handwash with baby bottle and accessories cleanser if used as a teething companion)


Additional Information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 24 cm


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