HW – Disney Rice Husk Bento Box (Red)


A perfect package for the perfect surprise you have specially prepared for your little one. An innovative product made from rice husks, the Disney Bento Box is free from harmful materials and is able to withstand high and low temperatures. The silicone seal helps keep the food fresh, and Mickey’s hands ensure that the lid remains securely shut during transit.

(Note: Flip Mickey’s hands over completely before opening lid)


Rice husk is an agricultural waste that is commonly burnt in the fields after rice harvests, producing large amounts of carbon dioxide and causing severe air pollution. Husk’s Ware gives this waste material a new lease of life by turning it into a natural resource and making it into trendy, reusable and biodegradable tableware and cutlery.

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Product Description


USP-icons-01b  Heat & freezer safe (-20°C ~ 120°C)

USP-icons-03b  Durable

USP-icons-06b  Anti bacteria

USP-icons-04b  BPA-free

USP-icons-05b  Non-Toxic

USP-icons-02b  Biodegradable

Microwave (under 3 min) & Dishwasher safe

Made with utmost care in China


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