Four Cow Farm Calendula Remedy (50g)


A deeply rich and emollient handcrafted balm for soothing dry, sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin. Excellent when used to moisturise dry skin, lips or nipples; for gently soothing skin affected by eczema, hives, bites or contact dermatitis; or for calming skin healing from minor cuts, scrapes or bruises.


With its well-known anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula has been used for centuries as an excellent soother for a variety of skin irritations. Made with over 80% Organic Calendula Petals hand-infused in the finest Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, this balm is gently infused for up to a week over a very low heat with only Organic Calendula Petals (the most active part of the plant), and then pressed carefully by hand, ensuring that all the most beneficial qualities of the Calendula are absorbed and retained.


With no added fillers, fragrances or colourings, and enhanced with the traditional calming properties of Non-GMO Vitamin E and Organic Roman Chamomile, this deeply soothing balm retains Calendula’s rich, natural smell and colour, along with all its wonderful beneficial qualities.


(Batch Expiry: October 2019)

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Product Description

Purpose & Directions:

Excellent for calming dry, sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin. Excellent for dry skin, lips or nipples; skin affected by eczema, hives, bites or contact dermatitis; or for gently soothing minor cuts and scrapes. Apply on affected area with clean fingers and reapply regularly for best results.


Certified organic calendula officinalis (calendula) petals in extra virgin cold-pressed olea europaea (olive) oil, natural beeswax, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E non-GMO), certified organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, certified organic chamaemelum anthemis nobile (roman chamomile) essential oil.

All oils used by Four Cow Farm are premium extra-virgin cold-pressed quality.

All ingredients – including preservatives and emulsifiers – are premium food-grade. 


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