ETL No. 9 Empty Spray Bottle (500ml)


Dilute the ETL No. 9 all-purpose green cleaning formula in the ETL No. 9 spray bottle for easy use. This empty spray bottle has been marked with the required water and ETL No. 9 levels for making a 1:5 dilution solution, which can be used for washing fruits and vegetables, as well as cater to a wide range of cleaning needs around the house. The spray head on the bottle may be turned off to prevent accidental activation.



ETL No. 9 all-purpose green cleaning formula is available in 1L or 4L bottle.



Watch a video demonstration on how ETL No. 9 may be used to remove pesticides from natural produce.




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Product Description

Capacity: 500ml


  • For use with ETL No. 9 all purpose cleaning formula
  • Spray head closure and clip prevent accidental actuation

Note: This is an empty bottle without any contents

Additional Information

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