Taking play very seriously, Keptin-Jr is dedicated to designing and producing cuddles and comforters for babies that are natural, safe and environmentally friendly. The designs of the cuddles are deliberately kept simple to allow children to exercise their imagination and to project that thoughts and feelings onto their cuddly buddies. The cuddles engage the visual, auditory and tactile senses of the children right from birth, through creative use of colours, sounds and textures. Natural and organic, these cuddly buddies double up as the perfect companion that provides relief of their discomfort during the teething months. Made with durable materials and put together with extra strong stitches, Keptin-Jr toys are made to last a long time.


Why Cuddle?

Cuddling is important for the development and well-being of a human. People cuddle with each other, and often with a fabric cuddly toy for comfort and security. For babies and very young children, cuddling provides a means for them to develop their motor and social skills. After childhood, cuddly toys continue to provide comfort and ease in many phases of our lives. To this end, Keptin-Jr conducts research on cuddly toys that provide an optimal contribution to the well-being of users of all ages.


Why use natural and ecological materials?

Natural materials, such as cotton and wool, approach the properties of hugging with actual people the best because they breathe and retain scent and warmth. By using organically cultivated fabrics, Keptin-Jr ensures that the cuddles are free from harmful substances. In the process of protecting our babies, Keptin-Jr also protects the environment, the farmers and their children.


How do I know which cuddle is most suitable for my baby?

Based on our collective experience as a mother, a psychologist and a pre/post-natal counsellor, we have put together a simple guide on cuddles that would best meet the developmental needs of a baby at different stages. We would like to emphasise that this is only meant to serve as a point of reference. Every baby is different and will reach the developmental milestones at her/his own time. S/he is also likely to develop her/his own unique behaviours and preferences (one of our sons exhibited a strong preference for green objects since he was 6 months old!). The best way to gauge is to observe your baby and determine the cuddle that you think would be most suitable. Another piece of advice from our personal experience – have a ‘double’ for your baby’s favourite cuddle. It allows you to wash the cuddles regularly to maintain hygiene and prolongs the lifespan of each individual cuddle.

Cuddle Guide According to Developmental Stages


How do I clean the cuddles?

Keptin-Jr cuddles are machine washable at 30ᵒC. If your baby is putting the cuddle in the mouth a lot and is happily chewing and sucking on it, we would recommend that you handwash the cuddle with just a little bit of the baby accessories cleanser (used to wash milk bottles and also fruits and vegetables) and hang it up to dry in an airy place.


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