About Us

Little by Little was founded in 2011 by two psychologist-mothers with the sole intention of designing baby and toddler apparel that celebrate little children at every stage of their development. Drawing inspiration from daily interactions with the little ones, the tag lines on Little by Little apparel, coupled with unique graphics that play out the word puns, strive to give these little ones a “voice” to assert themselves. Such witty expressions allow parents to see their little ones’ behaviours from a fresh perspective and encourage them to embrace their children for who they are. This sets the ground for fostering strong and healthy parent-child relationships and helps parents nurture their children into self-assured and confident young adults.


Mind | Body | Spirit

Little by Little endeavours to make a difference in the lives of little children and their parents from three aspects – Mind, Body and Spirit.

Free the Mind

In the fast paced world of today where pressure mounts on us from all fronts, the responsibilities of being a parent takes a further toll on us. We often react negatively towards our children’s challenging behaviours and the frustrating situations they present to us, only to regret it later. Little by Little apparel are intended to free adult minds of preconceived notions, expectations and judgement, and help parents reframe the situations positively so that they can see their child for who s/he is beyond the demonstrated behaviours and gain invaluable insight into her/his unique way of self-expression. Their subsequent loving, thoughtful and constructive response fosters the child’s self-image and builds up her/his self-esteem.

Nurture the Body

Made of 100% organic cotton via a GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) process, Little by Little apparel provides the best support for parents to nurture the bodies of their children. Organic cotton absorbs and removes moisture from the body readily, keeping the little ones cool in our hot and humid weather. The absence of harmful chemicals in the fabric also helps to minimise flare ups or allergic reaction in little ones who are prone to eczema. Each Little by Little piece sports a eco-printed rather than a physical washcare label within, ensuring that there is no irritation to the child’s delicate skin. Organic cotton is farmed and processed without the use of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. By choosing organic cotton products, we not only safeguard our own health, we are also protecting the safety of the farming community. Furthermore, the ecological advantages brought about by organic cotton ensures that we leave a sustainable environment to nurture our future generations.

Embrace the Spirit

It is our hope that through Little by Little’s uniquely designed apparel, parents can begin to embrace the spirit of young children. Only when parents see the world from their child’s perspective would they be able to fully appreciate her/him for who s/he is and provide the unyielding emotional support they need to grow and develop. At another level, Little by Little wishes to take the lead and set the pace for embracing the spirit of humanity through our socially responsible and ecologically conscious business practices. By choosing Little by Little products, you choose to embrace the spirit of humanity with us.


Little by Little – Fashioned by Faith

Little by Little had been fashioned into what it is today by our faith in God since we took the plunge in 2011 – the business, our products and even ourselves. This tag line expresses our profound gratitude for the blessings we have received in our lives. It is our wish that every child would also be fashioned by faith and become the gem that s/he is meant to be.


The Little by Little Connection

We believe that business is not for the sole purpose of profit, but to benefit people in the process. Hence, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to work with like-minded businesses that advocate and practise fair-trade.

If you pride yourself as a socially and environmentally responsible supplier or retailer of baby products, and/or provider of baby-related services, please get in touch to connect with us or to explore collaboration opportunities.

Exclusive distributor for Keptin-Jr and OrganicEra in Singapore.